Wild Fox - Our Story

Lana & Bex

Founders of Wild Fox UK, Lana and Bex collided through a yoga studio door. Lana travelling back from New Zealand, walked into Bex's first yoga class at her new studio. Here their paths crossed and they have never looked back. Initially a friendship developed through Forrest Yoga, moving in a way that enhances Strength, Breath, Integrity and Spirit.

Through lock-down, the importance of yoga, movement, community and friendship was heightened. So much so that their friendship developed and Wild Fox is their creative outlet together. After seeing the messages of many real life foxes, the idea was birthed, to create a brand and space that offered experiences, to release the norms of society and delve into the connection of our deeper selves. 

Both Lana and Bex bring their experiences, knowledge and knowing to their offerings, but in a hugely playful and approachable manner, calling on life comparisons, energetic relationships and philosophy to connect body, mind, spirit and community. 

why FOX?

Fox's are known for their curious nature, versatile personalities and their trickster attitude to life. But it also offers teachings around how to find your way around obstacles, in a swiftly manner. 

 If you follow the fox totem wisdom, you may be called to use or develop quick thinking and adaptability. Responsive, sometimes cunning, this power animal is a great guide when you are facing tricky situations.

In life we are all faced with tricky situations, but how we act within them, the energy, mindset and approach we take, can make the journey totally different. 

At wild fox, we aim to offer experiences, to connect to the deeper, curious, mysterious and playful true essence of your true nature, through yoga, retreats, movement, hampers and other experiences. 

Meet The Team

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Lana King

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Lana's sport and educational background, brought her to yoga to seek clarity and stillness in the mind. 


She believes healing starts with empowering our bodies, in a fun approachable, science based and organic manner.

Lana's goal is to hold nonjudgmental and safe space for ALL. Allowing you to express yourself and be free to be yourself, no matter what. 

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Bex Bridgford

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Bex has spent her life transforming within and sharing her creative gifts within yoga and delicious chocolate making. 

With an arts degree and a wicked sense of humour, her teaching, creative energy and approach lights up a room and encourages you to empower your true self. 



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Our box of chocolates. Reminding us every day, that to live, is to be, right now. 

Playful, loving, smart and challenging. 

He is our Fox'ee Dog. 

Curious like a Fox

Creative, Adaptable & Mysterious. 

Our stealthy foxes are totally aware of their environment, they can sneak quietly throughout their space, but equally they can have their presence known.

Foxes have a playful energy, with full awareness and intelligence they proceed toward their goals and move through their life with connection to their minds, but equally connection to their habitual fun energies. 

So often in life, we get to caught up in our minds perspective and don't pause, play and allow our true nature to flow through, express and indulge. 

At My Wild Fox (My - because it is about YOU) our hope is to offer different experiences, which encourage a moment or a lifetime of deeper connection to your goddess.

The raw, unique, playful and mysterious energy, that resides in the depth of your being.

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